Design . Create . Promote

Design . Create . Promote

The Process Explained

The Process for Design

First step is to meet with you to discuss your business needs and determine what products and services you need. After our consultation I will send you a quote for the work. If you decide to move forward we will then move on to the next steps.

I will send you a questionnaire to get an even better idea of your business to help with designing the look and feel of your product(s). I will then send you a brief giving a summary of the project(s) and what direction I think we should go in for the design and a timeline for completing the project.

If you agree with this summary I will send you a client/designer agreement that lists out what is expected from both of us to get the project completed on time and on budget. Once the agreement is signed the real work begins.

The first step in my creation process is to make several hand drawn sketches of any design ideas I think of. From all these sketches I narrow it down to to the best ideas.

Now I hit the computer to render the sketches into something more complete, including fonts and colors. These computer rendered design ideas are then presented to you for feedback.

From here I will do revisions based on your feedback and present you with the final "rough" design.

Once you are happy with the rough, I will then tweak it to get to the final design and have it ready for print. If it’s a website, I will now move to the building stage.

Building a Website

After using the process listed above for designing your website, I then move on to building the site.

Your website is first built on my computer so your current website can stay online while the new one is being built. This process means there is very little disruption to your clients since there is minimal down time of your current site.

Once layout is determined the coding starts and your site starts taking shape. Usually the text, pictures, and video on the pages is just filler text at this point while the content is being completed (usually the client's responsibility). Once the content is provided to me it’s added to the site.

While building the site, I will do browser testing to make sure the website performs as expected with all major browsers.

When the site is near completion it is moved from my computer to a server so it can be tested online. At this stage there will also be usability testing to ensure the site is easy to understand and navigate. The usability testing involves watching “volunteers” complete certain tasks and taking notes based on these observations. Observations are based on the time it takes and the process used by the volunteer to complete each task. If necessary, changes and adjustments to the website will be made. The final test will be for you to use the site and provide your feedback.

The last step before going live is to work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and make sure we have accurate page descriptions and are using our keywords. To help your site get noticed on online searches I will register it through Google, Bing, and Yahoo, if it isn't already.

On your approval the site will now be ready to go live and will be moved to the hosting server where your website will be for the world to see.

I will suggest some ideas on how to spread the word about your new website and I will also make sure you know how to update your website by providing one-on-one instruction and/or a user manual.