Design . Create . Promote

Design . Create . Promote

More Examples

Magazine Ads

Both of these ads were done for the Municipality of the County of Richmond, Nova Scotia.
1. The Cape Breton Blueways ad (pictured on left) was to promote the area and the many water adventures there are to be had. This ad appeared in the Nova Scotia Doer's and Dreamer's Guide.
2. This ad (on the right) was a full page ad designed to promote the Point Tupper Industrial Park. The top of the ad uses the artwork from the newly designed sign* for the industrial park and the rest of the ad draws on that for colors and flow to bring it all together. The green section, overlaying the left section of the photo, lists the features and benefits offered by Point Tupper.
*Sign was not designed by 2 Coasts Creative.

CD Cover Design

For this CD design project the client chose the pictures she wanted on the album. For the cover design I cropped her chosen photo to add some interest and drama. Using Photoshop I enhanced the photos, added the lightning bolt to the eye, and used a picture of water droplets on glass to make the word Storm. The pictures were laid out in InDesign then all the text was added.

Credits: Photos were done by Haley MacPhee.

Client Testimonial

I was very impressed with the level of knowledge and patience that Marina demonstrated while working on this project. She was able to do exactly what I described to her and more. She handled criticism very well and finished the project ahead of schedule. I am so happy with the outcome and have heard plenty of positive feedback for the album cover. Not only would I use her again, I will be recommending her to friends and family! Wendy Owens Abbott

Photo Restoration

This picture is of my Dad and I fell in love with it when I saw it. I liked it so much I decided to restore it before I printed it.

TV and Newspaper Ad

During the Christmas shopping season, the Municipality of the County of Richmond wanted to encourage and promote local shopping. I was given creative freedom on this project, being able to chose the photos and the content to make the ad. After providing the client with a couple of design ideas, the one with Santa was chosen. The ad on the left was altered from the original for use on the local community TV station. The ad on the right appeared in the local newspaper.

Illustrations - Vector Artwork

This project was for a client who wanted to bring a product idea to market. Once the client explained their idea it was my job to illustrate the product. The client also wanted a sell sheet to demonstrate the different uses for the product.